About us

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the very first 4MM blog!

We are a Grade 4 class made up of 23 eight, nine and ten year old students, an amazing aide, Maria, and a teacher, Miss M. We are part of a Foundation – Grade 6 PYP school in Melbourne, Australia (have a look at the map below).

We are a class that love to LEARN! We love to learn about the usual things, like Maths and Literacy, but we also love to learn about Science, Gardening, Coding, Art, Sports, Social and emotional skills and everything else we can get our hands on!

At our school, we learn French. In our class however, we have students that speak Greek, Hebrew and Russian!

We can’t wait to participate in the March 2019 blogging challenge and hope to make some national and global connections with other primary school classes! We are very excited!