Who is in our class?

Welcome to our first post!

As part of the Blogging Challenge we have each created an avatar to represent who we are. Check out ours below!

We hope you enjoy getting to know us, and keep checking in to meet some of our students that have been away…

23 thoughts on “Who is in our class?

  1. Hi 4MM,
    We think your presentation of your Avatars is awesome. We might give it a try so we can show others our Avatars. Very creative!
    Was it easy to do?
    Did you use Google Slides?
    Hope to see more fabulous posts from you soon,
    From 3/4H

    • Hi 3/4H,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Creating the avatars was pretty easy to do, but some people had some trouble uploading to our Google Classroom.
      Yes, we did use Google Slides and our teacher embedded the slides into our post.
      3/4H, do you have a blog?
      What country are you from?
      Good luck creating your avatars and slides.
      From 4MM.

  2. Hi 4MM,
    We loved visiting your blog and watching your class presentation. Your avatars are really nice. Our class also made a class presentation using Google slides as well. We hope you get a chance to visit our class blog soon. Is this your first time on the class blogging challenge? It is our first time and we are having fun so far.

    From 4B
    Ontario, Canada

  3. HI 4M
    That is great idea to do something like that as a class I especially like the little description that everyone has done.
    congratulations on being featured as one of the best posts I was too.
    Please check out my blog!
    From Jemimah

  4. Dear Class,
    I am a teacher in South Dakota, USA. My third grade class is also participating in the Blog Challenge! We are a week behind, but we created Avatars, too! Please check out and comment on our blog. We would love to hear from you!
    You all did a great job on your avatars. What is the most interesting animal in your country? Please tell us more about your country. A couple unique animals to our area are the ring-necked pheasant, buffalo, and rattlesnakes.
    Thank you for reading my post!
    Mrs Wermager


  5. Dear Andrew,
    I like how you designed your avatar to look like you. What is your favorite animal in Australia. I am a student in South Dakota.

  6. Dear Ethan,
    I enjoy you’re post because I also always have messy hair. It is because of my sisters. Do you have any sisters? How warn is it there? Do you and you’re class on on field trips?

  7. Dear Zoe,
    When I grow up I want to be a vet too. In your country do you have kangaroos? I like your avatar. Happy spring!

  8. Dear, Elizabeth I like your respones on the blog. It takes my hair at least one hour to do. I am 9 years old. I live in the Midwest. I am growing my hair out to sell. Do you have siblings? I have a sister and a brother. I am the middle child. My sister is older and my brother is younger. Please write back as soon as you can.

    from es4331

  9. Dear Lexi,
    I also have brown eyes I have blond hair. I love your hair. I love the color aqua also. Pink is so cool. My favorite animal is a cat. What is yours? If you like aqua and pink then what is your favorite out of them two? Thank you!

  10. Dear Nathan,
    Green is one of my favorite colors. I like how you designed you avatar. I live in the Midwest. I am a student in South Dakota. What is your favorite animal.

  11. Dear Saige,
    Hi! I love your avatar. What is your favorite color? How is it in Australia? I like to go to school too and i have cats too. I have six cats. How many classmates do you have in 4th grade Good job making your avatar. Good luck on your blog

  12. Dear, Ziv I like your background to. My favorite color is pink. Do you have siblings? I have a sister and a brother. My sister is older and my brother is younger. Write back as soon as you can.
    from Emmalee

  13. Dear Harry
    My favorite thing I like to do is wearing cool kid glasses, too. I really like animals and dinosaurs very much do you like dinosaurs and animals, too. I love reading but I do not like fairy tale books I like dinosaurs and animals books do you like dinosaurs and animals books. My favorite colors are red, blue, green, gray, brown, and orange do you like some of these colors, also.

  14. Dear Austin,
    I love that you know so much about Queen that is my 2nd favorite band. My first favorite is Imagine Dragons. They sang thunder. I appreciate you’re love for music. I hope you respond. Also are you in 3rd grade?

  15. Dear Mai,
    I love your avatar. It is so cool. I also have brown eyes. I have blond hair. Two of my favorite are purple and aqua too. You are so cool. What grade are you in? How many kids are in your class?

  16. Dear,Maxi
    I am creative to. Do you have siblings? I have a sister and a brother. I am 9. I live in the Midwest. I think your avatar is cool. My favorite color is pink.

    from Emmalee

  17. Dear Ananda,
    My favorite color is black too and I really like white. On a daily basis can you get attacked by a kangaroo? A little a bout me,I have short hair and 3 dogs.Good bye.


  18. Dear Thomas,
    I also like swimming! It’s the first day of spring in South Dakota. It’s supposed to be 55 degrees Fahrenheit. I watch a show about Australia it’s called “Keeping Up With the Jonses”. Thomas what’s your favorite car mine is the Lamborghini Cenenario look that one up on the internet. What’s your favorite animal mine is a lemur. Hope you have a nice day.

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